My Bomber Jacket

Today I want to share some pictures of my Bomber jacket with you. This bomber jacket that I’m wearing is from WE Fashion. This dutch-label has always bin a good retailer for people. Most of the clothes that the have are casual. I bought it two years a go and I’m wearing it with pleasure. This jacket fits most of the time with my outfits to. So in that case it was a right purchase two years a go.

My Bomber jacket has a green color, what really is fine to combine with dark-outfits. As you can see on the pictures here below it is easy to combine with a black jeans and a denim shirt. So in that case it looks fashionable right? What you don’t see on the pictures, but what is still important to say. This jacket has some little pocket inside where you can put your smartphone or keys in. Whatever you put in your pocket.What is very handy right? When I bought my jacket, I noticed that I look to other bomber jackets as well, and saw that there are so many different kind of bomber jackets!

Why a Bomber Jacket is a must have in your closet.

As I said every fashion-label, create bomber jackets and it is a must-have in your closet, in my opinion. When I’m on the go or in the City-Centre, I see so many young-people wearing a bomber jacket, so they know what I’m saying. If you looking for a Bomber jacket, it is important to know what kind of you want. Now a days you have short bomber jackets and long bomber jackets. You have different kind of dust and prizes at the same time. With this saying it can be very hard to choose the right piece for your self. I bought my bomber jacket at wefashion. It was for a low-budget prize, but I can tell you that this quality is very good. It’s a warm, sportive bomber jacket and I’m very happy with it. I’m about to save this jacket for years if don’t get damaged.




Bomber jacket by WeFashion

Photography by Taria-Ann Verburght

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