The Move of Paul Pogba

The move of Paul Pogba is a decision that I don’t understand if you talk about someone with huge ambitions. With all the respect for a club as Manchester United but in my opinion is Juventus a team what has a higher-level at the moment if you see the results of the last couple of years. In 2015 the reach the Champions League final, and I think Paul Pogba has more chances to win this trophy with Juventus than with Manchester United at the moment right? But I am totally agree with you that level of the Premier League is higher than the Italian football league.

What The move of Paul Pogba al so made special is that he returns to his former club where he played in youth-teams, until he came in the first squad and Mr Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t see his talent and don’t give him the chances he needed to show how much football talent this guy has. You see a lot of talent that goes a way because the don’t get the chance to express them self on the pitch, and Paul Pogba is that story. After years playing in Torino at Juventus Football Club, he showed his talent and made his debut in the France National Team and a lot of big clubs like Real Madrid, or Chelsea started to follow him, even they know he has a story at Manchester United.

Now Paul Pogba starting has his second period in Manchester United I’m looking forward to see him play at Old Trafford and if he made the right decision to choose for a big club like Manchester United, but not playing in the Champions League and it is a really big question if the play Champions League next season? Would Paul Pogba still think it was the right move forward? The top four classification is very hard to reach and I’ not sure if Manchester United will make it, but that is something for the future. Paul Pogba will now come’s back as a grown talented player who has the potential to win the Golden ball. It will be time that a player like him will achieve prizes because he is what a midfielder should be these days.

The move of Paul Pogba is al so the biggest transfer that we ever have seen in football, more than 100 million euro’s payed Manchester United for the Fench-midfieler, where does it stops? It is not his fault that clubs spend so much money, I wonder what this french-midfeiler would think about that. Does the deserve the transfer? Yes I think he deserved to make a new step in his carreer, Paul Pogba played the last couple of years on a high-level at Juventus Football Club and al so at the French national team he was important. Paul Pogba has become a world-class player and I’m looking forward to his new adventure in Manchester.

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