Messi Returns

Messi Returns back in the national football team of Argentina, and it doesn’t surprised me, but I think that you have the same feeling. This summer 2016 Leo Messi played the Copa America final against Chile after his missen penalty and losing the final, he said: At the moment I am not available anymore ┬áto play for the national Argentinian football team. Afcorse he was very emotional because He missed a penalty in the Copa America final and that is as big thing, he is not only a very good player, but al so the captain and the hope for all Argentinian people. The pressure on him is not healthy if you ask me? Everyone always expect great things, but after a very long season with FC Barcelona you can not always expect a top-form of Messi. But I know Leo Messi is a player who want to win everything he can and I saw him very emotional on the pitch after his defeat against Chile.

The new Argentinian head coach Edgar Bauzo was this week in Barcelona to talk with the Argentinian star-player about his decision to return back in a Argentinian football shirt. After a couple of days Edgar Bauzo changed the mind of Leo and now he will playing for the Argentinian football team and hopefully we will see him scoring goals at the World Cup 2018 in Russia. I think this player is to proud and to hungry and that must be the reasons why he said: I will be available again for the Argentinian football team now and in the future. I can not imagine that a great player like him don’t want to play on the highest level and to achieve more than he already did.

After the defeat against Chile and his words to the press that will not playing for Argentinian anymore, I was very calm and only thought: this is a emotional person that just say something to the media because he has nothing else to say. I knew this player will make is comeback in the Argentinian football team someday and two months later he change his mind, voila? I am a fan of him and had the opportunity to see him playing at the Nou Camp and I can say that he has such a great talent. But to make more history it would be great if he make that rush on the pitch and score like Maradona in the final of the World Cup. Now Cristiano Ronaldo won a big trophy with his national team Portugal it is Time for Messi to do the same thing and I would like to see him win the Copa America or The world Cup.

I am already looking forward to Messi Returns in the National Football Team of Argentina and I am going to search when he will make his comeback and when the next-game is for Argentina, because the have such a great squad and it is very pity that the don’t have won anything with his generation of good players. With Messi as a leader and the greatest player of his generation it must be possible to achieve something big.

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