What kind of knitwear?

The winter has arrived in Europe. That means you dress very warm for the cold days. What kind of Knitwear do you wear? It’s a question that Ive asked myself the last time. Do I want to wear cotton or wool? It is hard to choose the right dust.


What kind of knitwear depends on the dust. Let met give you the follow type of dust. As a rookie in the fashion-industry. I didn’t know that there was so much kind of dust. This year I was invited for a event, where it’s all about dust. Unfortunately I was not able to go last summer. But to speak with you today about dust, feels very good. So we have different kind of wool, for example: Cashmere,Alpaca wool. These kind of dust are the most expensive, that you can find. If you able to invest in cashmere-sweaters don’t think, but just do it. Less is more and you will have a best friend every winter-time.

Why I prefer wool-knitwear.

I have a preference for wool. My experiences in the past with cotton are not so good. Most of the time it was way to cold and I was not happy in it. I feel like a cold ice-men, during the time I wearing it. But wool-knitwear can be very hard to find . Most people prefer to wear wool. It is a popular dust during the winter time. If you are not quick enough it can be sold-out already. As you see the pictures below. I found a wool-knitwear what is totally my cup of tea. The black color is basic and I am in love with the dust. It is the start of investing in timeless wool pieces, that I can wear for years.This knitwear is from Diesel. I only wearing it once since last weekend. But I can say it was the right choice to buy it.

Cotton Knitwear.

Not everybody is the same and that is the good thing about life. You have people that have a preference for cotton knitwear. This kind of dust can be cool and fashionable as well. For a lot of people it is there perfect dust for the winter-time. Are you searching for some cotton knitwear? Look at MrPorter, they have so many different cotton sweaters or hoodie’s.From high-prizes to low-prizes. It is het perfect guide to find your lovely cotton hoodie or sweater. Maybe someone in the fashion-industry will inspire me, to buy at least one cotton sweater some day. But for now I don’t even think about it. I stay true on my wool dust. Wool is way better and warmer than cotton if you ask me.



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