Inter Needs Stability

This week Inter fired another coach, and it was not a suprise. The club has sacked a lot of trainers since Mourinho in 2010. What is clear to is the fact that this club needs stability. But what is exactly the problem of this former Top-Team? Since Massimo Morrati is not longer The Boss in Giuseppe Meazza the club has no leader, with a Indonesian owner and some people from China, there a lot of people who trying to rule the club, but is that healthy for the future of Inter? I don’t think so. With more than 25-players under contract it wil never easy for a manager to bring this team in the right direction.

For this club it is important to have a strong leader. Who knows the club very well, and knows what this club needs to get back on the European top. But when I hear there are so many people who are involved in this club. It is impossible to get back where the club was in 2010. That’s why Frank de Boer has bin sacked. He didn’t had the time to build. I truly believe in when Frank de boer had the time, he could bring Inter back where it belongs. But now a days this Inter is a nightmare for every coach. I even believe that the best coaches in the world, can not work good at this club.

How can Inter be a stable club? I truly believe that is important to have clear vision and than you connecting the right people. If you look at FC Bayern Munchen for example, you see that there is a clear vision. The club is stable and there is a good board that keeps other bad people away from it. Inter needs stability as I said before. But the only way that possible is, when the vision is clear.


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