Happy Friday

Happy Friday Guys, how are you today? It has bin quite hectic week for me personally. With good moments and bad moments. Let’s talk about the good moments first. Happy Friday. So guys I’m… [Read more]

How to combine a Red T-shirt

How to combine a Red T-shirt. Today I show you how to do is. Because it can be hard to combine this clothing-piece. But let’s do this together shall we? T-shirt is red but… [Read more]

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is the type of photography, I truly love. Since I have my first DSRL-Camera I take pictures of people who are photo-genetic. Photography and Fashion are a great combination. How are you… [Read more]

Where it all Happens

Where it all happens, my desk is the place I share al lot of time. Back in the days I created a little:  ” office ” for myself.  But how are you guys today… [Read more]

My Belt Collection

My belt collection is big, I realized this when I look at all of these belts. It also reminds of my time when I was a student. My belt collection and I love to… [Read more]

Wearing my favorite jacket

Wearing my favorite jacket always feels good, How are you today guys? Today I started my day slow. Because in the afternoon I had two appointments in Amsterdam.   My Bomber Jacket is my… [Read more]

Daily Look

Daily look for today, how are you guys ? Today I was not in the mood to dress myself very fashionable. Just a Basic jeans with a Black shirt. It was a normal-day for… [Read more]

Oversized T-shirt

Oversized T-shirt’s I just can’t get enough. The last couple of weeks I don’t want to wear nothing but Oversized. It feels like I’m back in my streetwear-mood? Oversized is my kind of mood…. [Read more]

I Decided

I decided to make a big step in my personal life, but first how how are you guys ? It has bin a more than a week that I didn’t spoke with you. I… [Read more]

Spring in the air

Spring is in the air and I’m happy that the cold-days are behind us. I really like it when it’s time to put out the coat. But anyway’s how are you guys ? Today… [Read more]