Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday. Wauw I still can believe that I’M NOT 28 anymore. This 28 year went faster than I expected. I remember the hard period around my birthday last year. Now I’m a year older, wiser, and better. But I would like to say that this happy birthday is all about: Always Grateful, but never satisfied. That’s how I think, How I do and who I am.

Happy Birthday, almost 30-years old, I’m getting closer. For some reason it brings mixed feelings to me. Let me tell you. I know it sounds older, but I’m still at a very young age. I’ve bin born at the End of the year. I had some great Birthday party’s in my youth and now everything has changed. My Birthday’s are not the same anymore, and to be honest: I never get used to it. Maybe is that the way of getting older. Do you have the same experience? When you read this post, I spend my Birthday in my lovely Barcelona. It is the best present that I can have, because it make me super happy.

Why I spend my Birthday in Barcelona?

Sun, Beach, lovely people, great food, do I have the say more? There is just so much more that this city has to offer. I’m super excited to spend my Birthday there. It is not only a weekend to celebrate, but al so to reflect 2016. What was good in 2016 and what was bad? Which things did I wrong and what did I right? So In Barcelona I can take a long walk and think what I can do different in the future. What did I learned in 2016? What can I do better? In this city I’m able to reflect and to get a lot of new energy.

Enjoying the City.

For me it was not hard to make this choice and to travel. I can make up my mind and look back to my year.

Barcelona will not only a place to reflect. But there are so many hot-spots to discover. What about the hills ? I can’t wait to capture the city with my camera. To meet new people and make new great memories as well. After my three days in Barcelona. I will tell you how my experience was and you can read it here. For now I’m going to pack my suit-caste.






Shirt by: Givenchy

Jeans by: Pierre Balmain

Sneakers by: Givenchy

Photography by Quincy Housen

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