Gucci Socks

Gucci socks are one of my latest purchases. Today I want to show you my Gucci socks and reasons why you should invest in good socks.

As the winter is coming soon in Europe and other places in the world. It is time to look in to your wardrobe and see if you have enough wool-socks. So did I and bought one pair of Gucci socks. But why I bought Gucci socks? I know that high-end fashion brands are expensive but I can tell you from my experience. That is worth the money, trust me. In the past I never payed attention to essentials like wool-socks. It was always a good jeans or a good pair of sneakers. But now I experience how important it is, to have good wool-socks. The temperature is getting lower and you want to have warm feed. So I was looking at my wardrobe last month and saw not one pair of wool-socks. I was thinking to myself how is that possible?

Where to buy?

So, I decided to look all-round the web, for some wool-socks. But since this summer I’m a big big fan of Mrporter¬†and they have so much to offer. In the past I already bought some clothes on MrPorter, but I was not that loyal customer. But from now on, I Am. So I was going to there website and searched for some wool-blend socks, than I saw some very nice brown Gucci socks. I was in love right away, because these are classic. The Red/Green colors made it all. I clicked on it and saw that there are made from wool. So I didn’t think to long about the price, or if I should wait for the sale. By the way: I bought more than only the socks, but I will tell you later.

How to wear?

I am wearing my Gucci-socks most the time when I’m home or When I’m wearing my timberland boots. The socks are not so tall so you can not put them in sneakers or in shoes that you wearing in the summer or in the spring. When you start thinking to buy some wool-socks, think about what kind of shoes you have? Because you don’t want to damage your shoes when you put that kind of socks in your shoes. Further the color is very important because, to many times you see people that wearing socks but it doesn’t fit with the shoe the wear. It is such a no-go if people see it. Further wool-socks are a great investment, you can wear them for years if you don’t wear them everyday.





Photography by: Luc Herbergs

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