Give Guardiola some time

We all know the pressure in football. But for the City Fans, I have a Message: Give Guardiola some time. Today I want to explain how high the pressure is for him and his staff. The expectations are extreme high for this coach.
The Pressure.

If they give Guardiola some time, he will get this team to a higher level. But before the reach that level, he needs more time. Back to the summer of 2016. Pep arrived at Manchester and every City-Fan was very happy. The big succes coach of FC Barcelona and Munich signed a contract at the Etihad Stadium. But the pressure is very high and specially for this coach. Years after years he won trophy’s with his former teams. But now a days he have to build this from the ground up. Now I can say that this is the most challenged job he will ever have. This team is not used to win trophy’s and this club was different in the past. You can say this squad have quality and I am agree with that. But he way of playing is so much different than the played in the past. Most of the players are not used to play so far away from the goal. Pep even changed his goalkeeper what he think is the best choice. For a lot of City-Fans Kevin Hart will be a legend. I can understand that by the way. Because of Pep’s succes in the past the pressure is way to high at the moment. That is why I ask for more patient. That the lost of last weekend hurts, I understand. But Liverpool is a very strong team at the moment, specially at Anfield.


The Premier League is a very strong competition, no doubts about that. Manchester City has a new coach and it will takes a lot of time to build a strong team. Everybody has to be patient. There is a lot of quality in the squad. But in the future it has to be better. I’m very optimistic about the future. As long as he get’s the time and a little bit of luck. He will get this team to a higher-level. With Aguero, Silva and other good players he has a basic. This season you have to see as practice. Every player has to learn his style of training. Further it is important to keep the key-players in the squad for longer than three-years. Where does it end this season? I don’t know, but for me is clear that the chance of winning a trophy is not big. You see that the results are going up and down. That is normal if you building a new team. So for me it is not a surprise that Manchester City stand’s on a low position.


I want to stand for his philosophy. This coach worked extremely hard the last years in Munich. After three-years he signed a new contract in Manchester. A little bit of vacation and than back to work. Now I can imagine that he his tired some times. But for Guardiola is everything new in the United Kingdom. He has different type of players than he had in Barcelona for example. Now I understand there are some doubts. But every Cit-Fans has to enjoy the road to succes. At the time in Barcelona there where a lot of doubts in the first three-months. He almost was fired by the board. But just before that, the good results coming. Barcelona played fantastic football and everybody was happy. This can happen in Manchester al so. But give this coach some time and he will bring succes to Manchester City.




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