Frank de Boer Deserve’s better

Frank de Boer Deserve’s more credit than he get now these days. This summer 2016 the dutchman joined Internazionale and he has a hard period. Frank de Boer has to deal with a squad that is not the team he wants. Right before the start of the season Frank de Boer made his debut as a coach for Internazionale, and during the start of the new season he already has a lot of criticism from the Italian media.

I was surprised when I noticed the news that Frank de Boer joined Internazionale before the start of the new season in Italy. Because he said in a earlier stage that a sabbatical was something that had his preference. But Internazionale was a chance he could not refuse, in his opinion, if you ask me than he could let that offer go and to focus on a German or English team in my opinion. Because seeing Frank de Boer in Milan with a team that has a lot of old-players and a media-pressure what is very high, I think it is not the best step he made in his career. Beside’s that Internazionale is not the most stable club now a days.

Internazionale is not the top-team it was in the past, since 2010 after winning the Champions League. Year after year this club going from Top-Team to middle class team, with middle class players. A lot of trainers have try to bring the club back to the top of Europe but since 2010 nobody was able to do that. There was no philosophy and not idea of which way this club has to go. But now it seems like there is more patience at Internazionale.

This week I saw Frank de Boer and his team winning against Torino and the pressure is a little bit gone but for how long? I have a lot respect for the Dutchman because he leads Ajax to four tittle’s in a row and that was a fantastic job. That is al so the reason Frank De Boer Deserve’s better than he was now.

Deep in my heart I hope that he will achieve al his goals at Internazionale but at topclub that Internazionale is, you don’t get so much time to build a top-team as he had at Ajax and what you get with other clubs like: Dortmund for example. So for the board, fans and any other who has heart for Internazionale it is important to give him the time to build a new winning-team and to get results he needed to get more credits.

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