My Casual Cap by Dsquared2

My casual cap by Dsquared2 is one of my summer purchases last year. I was in my room and saw that I had only one cap. So I wanted to have more caps. I… [Read more]

Casual Ootd

Casual Ootd. Its the most basic look that you can wear as a men. When I was busy with creating my latest look. I was thinking how it looks like. In my mind I… [Read more]

Bring on the New Year

Bring on the New Year, with saying this to you. I’m curious what this new year will bring me. All I can say is that I’m ready. After the holiday-season and my trip to… [Read more]

My Resolutions in 2016

My Resolutions in 2016, today I’m going to share this with you guys. My last trip to Barcelona was for me to reflect on 2016 and how it was. What did I right and… [Read more]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday. Wauw I still can believe that I’M NOT 28 anymore. This 28 year went faster than I expected. I remember the hard period around my birthday last year. Now I’m a year… [Read more]

What kind of knitwear?

The winter has arrived in Europe. That means you dress very warm for the cold days. What kind of Knitwear do you wear? It’s a question that Ive asked myself the last time. Do… [Read more]

Why I choose For Suede Boots

Today I’m going to explain Why I choose for Suede boots. Because it was not a hard choice to make. I’ve always wanted to have shoes like these. Not only because there are from… [Read more]

Kledingtips voor de Kerst

De Feestdagen staan weer voor de deur. Dit betekent dat ik vandaag wat kledingtips voor de kerst ga geven. Want wat moet je nou aantrekken? Wordt het weer een smoking overhemd of ga je… [Read more]

My Bomber Jacket

Today I want to share some pictures of my Bomber jacket with you. This bomber jacket that I’m wearing is from WE Fashion. This dutch-label has always bin a good retailer for people. Most… [Read more]

Why you should buy a Denim Shirt

Let’s talk about this topic: Why you should buy a Denim shirt. Today I give you more than five reasons. Why you should buy a denim shirt. Hopefully after reading my information you inspired… [Read more]