EL Clásico Deserve’s better

In my opinion EL Clásico  deserve’s better. Last Saturday I was sitting on the couch and saw two teams playing in the afternoon. The last couple of years many El Clasico’s where played on this time. But if you ask every football-fan. He would say that his preference is that El Clasico must played on a Saturday of Sunday night. If you see the atmosphere last saturday than you see that it feels different as you compare it with a El EL Clásico  that is played on a Sunday-night for example.

EL Clásico is a special match and I read a book about it a couple of years a go. In this book you discover a history that goes very deep from the first battle. You read how it become a mayor game in football and how many things both clubs has in common. The want to be the best in everything and want to win every game. Last Saturday was the big rival-game and both teams see this as the most important game of the year. When you look at the sports-media in Spain during the days before this mayor game, you read only about the two rivals. Nothing else matters when this game is on the agenda.

I’ve seen EL Clásico a couple of years a go for a super-cup game in 2012 in Camp Nou. It was a huge and amazing experience. Unfortunately it was a super-cup game and you could see that in news-papers and the atmosphere was not the same as in a regular competition game. Although I’ve seen so many big players on the pitch and it was a amazing experience. Hopefully I can see a real battle of these two teams in the future, who knows?

Now I’m want back to last Saturday. With a lot of expectations you will follow the game from minute one until the last minute. but as you have seen the first 45 minutes than you will agree with me that it was a little bit disappointed. The level of playing from both-sides was not very high. EL Clásico Deserve’s better in that way al so. FC Barcelona try to play there own game, but the missed some creativity. The Tridente was not in good shape and that is always a key-thing when FC Barcelona play.

Real Madrid played very solide and was the better side in the first-half. But in the second-half you see a better FC Barcelona and Mr. Iniesta played a key-roll in the comeback of Luis Enrique’s men.

When Andres Iniesta was in the field you see a whole other FC Barcelona that has his creativity back. Suarez openend the score and it was typical suarez goal as well. But during the 1-0 , Real Madrid bounced back and was already close to the equalizer. In the dying second of the second-half Sergio Ramos scored the equalizer and that was not un-lucky if you see the whole match. Hopefully we see  the next time a better EL Clásico.

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