Do you know that feeling? You have doubts about how your life will look over five years? I feeling better since the blogpost on Friday. Maybe it was all my emotion that is coming out. When you have doubts about you future. I am not in my best period and try to keep a positive mind. But it ishard for me. Specially when you don’t have that positive area around you. I truly believe that doubts coming when times are hard or when you had a hard period. If you don’t know how to end your past and start your future. So these feelings are really normal progress I think.

But my goal is to work away these feelings and coming in a positive vibe. In a flow that I don’t have to be insecure and thinking about how things will work-out. As I have to stay personal, what I want to do from time to time. It is a way to know each other better.Because I think you will recognize the subject I talk with you today. For me the best thing to get over my doubts is to follow my heart and trust god.

Now back to my outfit what I al so want to share with you, it has bin a while since I did a photoshoot and it is one of my favorite things to do in life. Strike a pose and be who ever you want to be in front of the camera! Last Sunday I text one of my best friends and ask her: Can we shoot this week? We made a appoint for last Monday and it always good vibes when I’m working with her. We both share a passion for fashion and have al so other things in common.

As the afternoon goes by, we where so busy with talking about our private-life. We almost running out of time to shoot every outfit we plannend. But it was all worth it, because the results are coming in the up-coming weeks. This time I choose for a streetwear outfit that I love to wear when I’m in that mood. I can not really describe my personal-style. When I look at my wardrobe, I first look out-side how the weather is today. After I do that it is time to choose color by color. Like I Did in this outfit. I choose for basic-colors , Black and Grey. You never go wrong when you combine these kind of colors. It is not only basic. But are still colors where you combine a streetwear outfit or just a casual outfit. It depends on your preference. Sometimes I love to wear classic look.

This streetwear outfit fits perfect by the location that I choose by myself. I saw so many gravity on the walls that is a location that I saved in my mind. Wearing a warm hoody is a must-have during the Fall/Winter. Choose for black or grey and you can combine it with every kind of jeans and sneakers. You don’t have to make to complicate for yourself. Remember that: Less is more. Speak to you ¬†Friday








Hooded Sweatshirt by: Hood by Air

Jeans by: HM

Sneakers by: Adidas

Photography by: Taria-Ann Verburgt

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