Cristiano is the best

Cristiano is the best, although that is something very personal. It has bin a very good year for the portuguese star-player. First he won with Real Madrid the Champions League in Milan against Atletico Madrid. In that Champions League final, he was not playing  great. But he scored the final penalty and with that he was right there, where the team needed him. Scoring a goal in the final is always good, during the 90 minutes not on his best.

Cristiano had a light-injury during the Champions League final, but he was fit-enough to play for his club Real Madrid. I think that he said to Zidane: I want to play this final no matter my health-situation. After winning his third Champions League he couldn’t be more happier than he was before. To be honest I didn’t expected that Atletico beat Real Madrid in the final, there where close, but some feelings said to me: that this will be a victory for Cristiano. Real Madrid made a change during the last six months of the season 2015/2016.

Which trophy’s does he won this year?

After winning  the third Champions League in his career, Cristiano was focus on the European Champion Chip football 2016  in France. He never won something with his national-team and that was pitty for him. Back in 2000 Lisboa he lost a final with his national-team against Greece. It must bin a very hard night that day. Last summer he had a new opportunity with his team-mates to take revenge. Cristiano was obsessed with the fact he didn’t won anything yet with the national team of Portugal. It was time to do that and in France he had a new chance. Finally in Paris he lift up the Coupe Europe, after he left the pitch with a injury.This year 2016 he not only  won the European Champion Chip and the Champions League, he al so won the Golden Ball this year. What a year for Cristiano Ronaldo !

How many goals did he scored?

Cristiano Ronaldo has bin a goal-scorer since he was born, he always want to score goals and his always hungry for more. This year 2016 has bin amazing for him and he scored 55 goals. That is four goals less than Messi. But maybe this was his best football-year in his career, who knows? Can it be better next- year? Hopefully he stays fit so we can enjoy him playing for the up-coming years.

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