Why I choose For Suede Boots

Today I’m going to explain Why I choose for Suede boots. Because it was not a hard choice to make. I’ve always wanted to have shoes like these. Not only because there are from suede, but they are so fashionable. Last month  I’ve visited the Zara website, what I always do when I want to buy something. Just to explore what they have to offer.The Zara brand has always clothes or shoes that fits with my personal style.

Suede boots are not the type of shoes that I wear everyday. During the Fall/Winter in Holland, you have to be lucky when it comes to dry weather. But to answer my question, why I choose for these boots. There are days or even weeks that I can wear them everyday, not that I do it, put its possible.When I ordered the boots there came a feeling of: Finally. A lot of people liked hem because I shared with hem trough snapchat. These are shoes that I can wear under my skinny jeans for example. Further these are really classic shoes so I did the right investment. Further it was time for new suede shoes. I was busy with other type of shoes. What al so very cool is, I can wear them on many occasion’s. Wether it is a dinner-date or a fashion-event.

How to take care of your suede boots.

When you thinking to buy the kind of boots, you have to be very confident. Specially when you know your activity’s during the week. As I said before, I can wear them on many occasion’s. But is that the same for someone else? When you bought these kind of shoes. It is important to keep them very healthy. First advise: Don’t wear them everyday, but do it slowly. When the sun is shining and it stay’s dry for the whole day. You can have so much pleasure, wearing them. The second advise is: buy a shoe-spray that is special for suede. After you wear them the whole day, or just for a couple of hours. It is very important to take care of them with a spray. When you do this, you take care of them and will have a better relationship with the shoes.

Where to buy?

I bought my suede boots at Zara but there are many other fashion-stores that have hem for sale. If you are not sure if the boots will fits you. Ask your local foot-store.



Boots by Zara

Photography by Taria-Ann Verburght


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