China will never be big in Football

China will never be big in football. I read all the top-transfers of the last few weeks. Every time I see a great player from Europe to China, it hurts me. For example former Chelsea player: Oscar. What does he thinks with his move to Chinese League. With his quality he could play for every top-club.

China played in 2002 for the last time at the World Cup. With this saying, I say enough right? Graziano Pelle, Carlos Tevez, Oscar, Gudelj, just a few examples from players who now playing in Chinese League. The country has not a big football history and I can’t imagine to play football there.

I’ve bin never a big fan of Asian Football in general. In that part of the world, there are other sports, with more potential. I don’t believe that Chinese football will reach a very high level. Because which Chinese player has become big in Europe? There is only one reason you make a move to the Chinese League: Money. But I asked myself yesterday if you already have so much money? Why you want to have more? These are the wrong Role-models for young talents. Can you imagine that a young kids reads ¬†in the sport paper, that Carlos Tevez moved for millions of dollars? Is this the motivation to play football? It is the worst motivation.

I hope that this Chinese hype will get over soon. We must be grateful that players like: Ronaldo, Messi , Rooney wil never do this. Further I just wanted to say that this is not a good example for the youth. I truly believe that football has to be a positive sport. Football has the role of bring young-kids out of the room and on the pitch. Football in the Chinese League has not that image anymore. I’m curious what the Chinese Government ¬†thinks about this trendy-topic. How the see all this top-transfers for dollar’s that kids not have to read. It is not normal what happend this country at the moment. Hopefully that Fifa will talk with the Government to discuss this.

With this opinion, I want to make clear that it is not heathy development.

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