Champions League Draw

The Champions League Draw has just ended. Today the last 16 clubs where in Zurich to see who is there next opponent. After the group-stage, we now only have sixteen clubs. To be honest with you guys. I’m looking forward to this. During the group-stage. You see that clubs like: Arsenal or Real Madrid, winning there games easy.There is less excitement than in the quarter-finale for example.. You can see that there is a huge difference. Between Borussia Dortmund and A belgian-team for example. During the group-stage.

A Champions League Draw is always nice to see. You never know which teams will face each other.Besides that, most of the time there is a team that surprise everybody. When the last sixteen teams fighting for a place in the final. You see a different type of football. As a football-addict I can say that I can not wait to see the best teams. In my opinion The Champions League has to be Top-level. But now a days you see a matchlike: FC Barcelona vs Celtic. I think that is not something people want to see. But on the other hand, even little clubs deserve a chance in this competition.

Arsenal vs FC Bayern.

One of the most exciting matches for next year is between Arsenal vs FC Bayern. Two teams that playing football on a very high-level. Back in the days these the difference between the teams was very big. But Arsenal now a days is a outsider for the final in Ireland. The German-side has made a change since Ancelotti is the boss. The team play’s very good, but there not undefeatable anymore. If Arsenal want to go trough the next round. The have to beat FC Bayern munich in there home-game. In Germany I don’t have a lot of faith in the squad of Arsene Wenger. For the team of Carlo Ancelotti it is important to score a goal in the Emirates. With this battle in February 2017, I’m already pleased with Champions League Draw.

PSG vs FC Barcelona.

Paris-Saint Germain against FC Barcelona, what a game to see! Both teams playing fantastic football the last couple of years. This game has bin played for a couple of times the last years. Every time it was more than worth it. But with a new coach on the front. The Parisien-side are not in a very good shape. It seems like the Parisien domination in the league is over. Unai Emery needs some time to re-build this team. The Big player Zlatan is not anymore and maybe that is key-thing for there performance this season, who knows? But with Edison Cavani the front, he can now show what he is worth for the Parisien board.

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