Casual Style

In the Fashion-industrty the always talk about a casual style. But What is a casual style exactly? Is it more a trend-style or creating your own image? Some people define casual style as there own style. I think everybody has his own definition of what a casual style is. It means to me that you wearing basic colors. For example A Grey shirt with a black jeans and suede boots. That is my definition of a casual style. Some other people wearing a wool-knitwear and combine with some black sneakers and a ripped denim jeans. That can be a casual style for them. For other people it is  just a jeans with some white or black shirt and some derby shoes.

When I’m walking on the streets I see a lot of people wearing a different clothing- style. I see outfits that inspire me and  see others that don’t inspire me. The good thing is, that everybody has freedom to wear what they like and how to look like. In my country The Netherlands you see that a lot of men try to wear casual clothes. It is a save feeling and can never go wrong. It is not that: stand out the crowd kind of clothes. People always are down to earth and are scared to wear a whole different type of clothes. The don’t feel comfortable when they are wearing other colors etcetera.

At the moment I’m very in my casual period. I’m not busy with the high-end streetwear clothes in my closet. I still wear them from time to time. But I open my heart of different brands and style’s.  As I told you before I’m busy with creating a new wardrobe. It means you will see me in casual clothes more and more in the future. My idea is to invest in timeless-pieces and making a wardrobe where I can be proud of. I want to make one thing clear and it doesn’t men I won’t buy or choose clothes of a high-end streetwear brand.

But it has to be a basic-piece that I can wear now and in the future. I al so truly believe that you can wear high-end streetwear and although have a basic style. If you able to combine the right pieces and shoes you can have a outfit from high-endstreetwear brand and still look casual.Let me give you some example from what I exactly mean with that.I have a hooded sweatshirt and dare to wear it with a black jeans and some chelsea boots for example or with sneakers. You still have a combination from street style and casual right? Combine the right pieces to create a great outfits takes more time. Think about how you want to look like and choose for pieces that you like and can wear often.

After you have create your own outfit, you ready to go! Hopefully the pictures down below inspire you to create your own great outfit.








T-shirt by: Balr

Jeans by: Acne Studios

Boots by: Zara

Photography by: Taria-Ann Verburgt

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