Bring on the New Year

Bring on the New Year, with saying this to you. I’m curious what this new year will bring me. All I can say is that I’m ready. After the holiday-season and my trip to Barcelona. I have enough energy to start this New year with a lot of joy. Today I want to share my latest outfit and what my goals are for this year. As well in Private & Business way.


Bring on the new year means for me that I can focus on my new goals. I did my reflection in Barcelona, to think about last year. There where ups & downs, but I looked back with a smile. So during the holidays I set some new goals for myself. The goals that I have for this year. Are the one’s that I didn’t achieved last year. So I’m going to share my goals with you. I’m curious, what you think about it.  You can always let me know in a comment.

  • Moving To my own Apartment. It was my plan to achieved last year in 2016. Unfortunately I didn’t achieved it.
  • A better Social Life. My social life was very bad last year, and I want to share more time with the people who cary the love for me.
  • Gym-life. A couple years a go, I was most of the time in the gym. My Body was transformed, and I was very strong in my mind. The last two years my need to sport, was not there. This year I want to make a comeback forever.
  • Start with my drive-license. It is time to achieved this goal, because now I do everything by train. Here in The Netherlands it is not always a good plan. Most of the time, the train not come’s at the right time. I really get pissed-off.


  • New part-time job. I’m not a full-time blogger yet. So I have to work, to pay my bills. But my last job only bring’s me money. It’s the most important, but I was not satisfied. For me a job has to bring more. So I decided to quit with my last job and to find a new one.
  • Better Network. This is a goal that I have every year. I noticed this when I’m thinking about it. Last summer someone told me: No one is getting anywhere without a network. So it was my mind-blowing for me. I have a basic-network in private & career life, but has to become better.
  • Grow with my blog. The most important goal that I have in my career-life. One day I want to become full-time blogger. So I have to work very hard on this. I didn’t have specific numbers of visitors. But as long as I grow, I’m satisfied.
  • Visit Milan Fashion Week. I’m already busy with planning the biggest challenge of this year. I want to become someone in the fashion-industry. So why not visit the capital of fashion? This year I want to make it happen.
  • Photography skills to the next level. I’m very grateful that my best-friend Taria-Ann gives me the opportunity to shoot pictures for her. She learned me so many things. My eye for details getting better. When I’m shooting pictures I get a happy feeling. At the same time, she is happy to. Together we look to the results and do some high-fives, when the pictures are good.

This are my goals for this year 2017  in Private Life and Career life. Now let’s get to the outfit that I was wearing  before the End of 2016.

Classic Outfit.

The knitwear that I’m wearing, is from Dolce & Gabbana. It’s made from 100& wool and I’m grateful that I have it. I bought it during my student-life and it was worth he money. Every winter I can wear it with pleasure. Invest in wool-knit wear is a blessing if you ask me. The jeans that I’m wearing is from APC, I bought it at MrPorter. I needed a basic-jeans and this one is perfect. Further I’m wearing my Dolce & Gabbana shoes. I have them for many years now. I bought these shoes in the sale. In my opinion every men needs to have one pair of brown shoes.






Knitwear/ Dolce & Gabbana  / Shirt / WE Fashion / Jeans / APC / Shoes/  Dolce & Gabbana

Photography Taria-Ann Verburght

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