Brazilian Samba Football

It was Brazilian Samba Football last Thursday in Brazil. The international-game against Argentina, was more than a football game. Af corse it is one of the top-football matches in the world. It was Brazilian samba football, from the Brazilian side. I was very curious for this game because these two countries have big name in Football. Most the time both teams have good quality teams .But seeing the two teams playing, I must say that it was Brazil that was the better team.

After the tragic last world cup in 2014, it was time for a fresh new start. Brazil change from coach and what I’ve seen it is a step forward. Playing so good football against Argentina gives the people hope. Argentina was played not there best match and al so Messi was not in a good shape. But it was football from a high level, and it was a pleasure to see. The goal from coutinho was a reflection of the whole game. Neymar scored a goal as well, but the goal from coutinho was so good. It will be a matter of time that Coutinho will make a step higher in his career.

Nevertheless there was a Argentina that was very poor. Defensive it is not the big team that you expect. Such a big country but no good defenders? With so much quality in the front-line and in your midfield you expect more. But 3-0 for Brazil was the right rash and it unbelievable if you think about it. Can you imagine a World cup football without Argentina? It will be very hard for this side to reach Russia in 2018. I saw a Argentina without power or strength. Messi & co having a hard time and I think it is time to change some things. Strong defenders is something what they need in my opinion.

For Brasil is everything okay and they are on there way to Russia. I’ve seen Brazil playing during the qualification a couple of times and the make a good impression on me. It is a fresh team and they found a good balance. With the individual quality of Coutinho or Neymar you can win difficult games. Now a days you need players like them to win games. What brazilian people know is that there always be quality. but the big question is? Can all these good players be a good team?

I saw Brazilian Samba football and that was a long time a go.

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