About Luc

Let me introduce myself, my name is Luc Herbergs and I live in Beek, This this small village what is based in the south of the Netherlands I had a great youth and I want to thank my parents for that. When I reach the age of sixteen I get more interested in Fashion & Football. When I started creating my own clothing style, I get more compliments how I was dressed. In 2014 I think it was for me the right time to start my website: Styledbyluc.com where I can share my outfits and my passion for fashion. I al so hope that I can inspire you with my clothing style. Beside that I grow up with Football, however my parents where not sports addicted. They decide to bring me to the football pitch, and football became my passion when I was Six years old. Now a days you don’t see me at the pitch anymore, but I follow the football world daily and watch many football games. In 2013 I started with a blog called: Langs de Lijn, where I write my weekly opinion what is happening in the football world.

When I started my website I already write about football and I decide to put this two subjects on my website. So you can see what my two biggest passion are and what I love the most. But I also want to show you that the football world & Fashion world have interfaces and are not so different from each other. If you have questions, suggestions, or other special things? Just take contact with me because I really want to know my readers and build a relationship with you, so we can get to know each other better.