A dollar & Dream

A dollar & Dream, that is all I have at the moment when I write this for you. I am on my desk typing the words how I feel at the moment, the last… [Read more]

Dare to be different

Dare to be different, sounds like a statement, quote, a way of thinking or just a way of how you dress your self ? For me it is for sure the last few words…. [Read more]

Early Summer

Early Summer is what on my mind these days, but why? We ar already in June and time fly’s if you being busy busy and busy with a lot of things. I’ve bin already… [Read more]

Zidane write’s history

Zidane write’s history with his first Champions League victory, what he achieve last Saturday-night in San Siro Milan. If you told me five months a go Zidane will win the Champions League I would… [Read more]

The road to success?

The road to succes? It is a question that I ask myself when I am busy with my blog or just with my private life. Is it a long or just a short way?… [Read more]

Louis Van Gaal has bin fired

Louis Van Gaal has bin fired today at his club Manchester United, and it was just a matter of time right? The rumors about his postion bin always there since he enjoyed the club… [Read more]

A New Start

A new start in a City that I Love so much, Amsterdam, one of my favorite city’s in the world. It was October 2015 that I decided to move back to Amsterdam, but that… [Read more]

PSV Deserve’s The Title

I was at home yesterday and turned my radio on to experience the climax of the Dutch football league. It was Ajax and PSV that where the teams who had the chance to win… [Read more]

Basic Spring T-shirt

The Basic Spring T-shirt is a must have for your wardrobe, so today I want to talk about it with you, and why it is important to have a Basic Spring T-shirt. If you… [Read more]

Leicester City Champions of the Hope.

It is now finally official, Leicester City Champions of the hope. Did I Say Hope? Yes indeed, I speak for the football in general. If you following the Premier League than you can see… [Read more]