Working on the Wardrobe

Hey guys, I am working on the Wardrobe, why ? Because now these days my wardrobe is a big mess, and I’m going to change that. When I started buying clothes I didn’t know… [Read more]

Ajax is not ready for the up-coming Season

Ajax is not ready for the up-coming season, is my conclusion after seeing the results during the pre-season. The Dutch football club has since this summer a new head coach called: Peter Bosz he… [Read more]

Summer Vibes

  I have finally summer feelings, because the weather in Amsterdam has was good the last few days! When I’m in the city and the sun is taken over het City than I really… [Read more]

Not the Best European Football

It was not the best European Football if you have seen the European Football Championship 2016 in France. With 24 country’s instead of 16 we maybe could expect a low-level of football, what do… [Read more]

A dollar & Dream

A dollar & Dream, that is all I have at the moment when I write this for you. I am on my desk typing the words how I feel at the moment, the last… [Read more]

Dare to be different

Dare to be different, sounds like a statement, quote, a way of thinking or just a way of how you dress your self ? For me it is for sure the last few words…. [Read more]

Early Summer

Early Summer is what on my mind these days, but why? We ar already in June and time fly’s if you being busy busy and busy with a lot of things. I’ve bin already… [Read more]

Zidane write’s history

Zidane write’s history with his first Champions League victory, what he achieve last Saturday-night in San Siro Milan. If you told me five months a go Zidane will win the Champions League I would… [Read more]

The road to success?

The road to succes? It is a question that I ask myself when I am busy with my blog or just with my private life. Is it a long or just a short way?… [Read more]

Louis Van Gaal has bin fired

Louis Van Gaal has bin fired today at his club Manchester United, and it was just a matter of time right? The rumors about his postion bin always there since he enjoyed the club… [Read more]