Ronaldo is a Hero

Ronaldo is a Hero, if you look at how many prizes he has won in his career. This week Cristiano Ronaldo won a new trophy named: Best Player in Europe 2016 . Last season… [Read more]

Sensitive for Trends

I’m sensitive for Trends that is my conclusion when I open my wardrobe. When I started buying clothes I always bought items that where  a ‘ trend ‘at that time and like I said… [Read more]

The King Zlatan

The King Zlatan that would be a good name when he would put his kicks out and will quit as a professional football player. The first time I heard about his name Zlatan I… [Read more]


What is life without having your own Freedom? I’ve thinking about it day and night, night and day. For me personal it is a privilege and the most important feeling/thing you can have in… [Read more]

Messi Returns

Messi Returns back in the national football team of Argentina, and it doesn’t surprised me, but I think that you have the same feeling. This summer 2016 Leo Messi played the Copa America final… [Read more]

The Idea’s of my blog

Last Tuesday in the afternoon, I went to Rotterdam with the train to have a meeting with my Blog-coach, to speak about The Idea’s of my blog.We have meet each other in 2015 during… [Read more]

The Move of Paul Pogba

The move of Paul Pogba is a decision that I don’t understand if you talk about someone with huge ambitions. With all the respect for a club as Manchester United but in my opinion… [Read more]

Don’t give up

It has bin a special week for me, and I am glad the weekend almost begin, so I can have a little bit more rest, since I can not go on holidays for a… [Read more]

Higuain is now at his place

Gonzalo Higuain is now at his place, this week he signed a new contract at Juventus Football club and that is wat he deserve. I’ve always bin a fan of him since he played… [Read more]

Working on the Wardrobe

Hey guys, I am working on the Wardrobe, why ? Because now these days my wardrobe is a big mess, and I’m going to change that. When I started buying clothes I didn’t know… [Read more]