My Bomber Jacket

Today I want to share some pictures of my Bomber jacket with you. This bomber jacket that I am wear is from WE Fashion. This dutch-label has always bin a good retailer for people…. [Read more]

Why you should buy a Denim Shirt

Let’s talk about this topic: Why you should buy a Denim shirt. Today I give you more than five reasons. Why you should buy a denim shirt. Hopefully after reading my information you inspired… [Read more]

My Love for Amsterdam

My love for Amsterdam. Where did it started? I was only six-years old and my parents took me to Amsterdam. That day was special to me, and will always be for me. When I… [Read more]

Gucci Socks

Gucci socks are one of my latest purchases. Today I want to show you my Gucci socks and reasons why you should invest in good socks. As the winter is coming soon in Europe… [Read more]

Zzuns Fashion Show

Last weekend I the attend  Zzuns Fashion show in Amsterdam. I was invited by a good friend who was walking during this Zzuns Fashion show.The fashion show was a platform for creative people who… [Read more]

Kasper Dolberg makes the Difference

At the moment Kasper dolberg makes the different at Ajax. The youngster is a new talent who makes a very good impression on me. When I’m seeing playing he always stays very calm on… [Read more]

Casual Style

In the Fashion-industrty the always talk about a casual style. But What is a casual style exactly? Is it more a trend-style or creating your own image? Some people define casual style as there own… [Read more]


Do you know that feeling? You have doubts about how your life will look over five years? I feeling better since the blogpost on Friday. Maybe it was all my emotion that is coming… [Read more]

Brazilian Samba Football

It was Brazilian Samba Football last Thursday in Brazil. The international-game against Argentina, was more than a football game. Af corse it is one of the top-football matches in the world. It was Brazilian… [Read more]


Since I don’t live in Amsterdam anymore, the days are getting harder and harder. I feel very sad how my life looks like now a days.  Let me try to explain everything in this… [Read more]